• 2019 glass grinding sheet & polishing sheet
  • 2019 simple glass scratch repair kit
  • 2019 glass scratch repair kit
  • 2018 glass scratch repair kit
  • Glass Cracks Repair Set
  • Simple Glass Cracks Repair Set
  • 玻璃裂痕修復樹脂膠水
  • Perfect repair
    Any scratch on glass
  • Simple operation
    Repair car
    windshield Cracks
  1. 01
    Glass Scratch
    Repair Set
  2. 02
    Glass Cracks
    Repair Set
  • 2008 Repair product creator and
    industry brand leader
  • 10 The 10 years brand development
  • 2000 More than 2000 users’ choices
  • 20 Export to more than 20 countries and regions
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